Different types of insulation gaskets

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Different types of insulation gaskets

Insulation gaskets provide essential protection for various products across multiple industries. Discover the different types and materials available.

Insulation gaskets have multiple uses across numerous applications and industries. The demand for advanced materials for various gasket and seal solutions has generated a global market value of $56.93 billion in 2021. In this new blog, we explore the different types of insulation gaskets and their purposes to ensure you use the right one for your application.

What is an insulation gasket?

An insulation gasket helps seal a connection between two components or flanges to prevent forms of leaking and other disturbances. The gasket must be compressible and work as a seal to cover the intersection between two surfaces. For example, a flange gasket will create a static seal between two flange faces, such as pipework for gas, oil, or water.

Gaskets appear very similar to seals. Only they are used on a flat and static surface, whereas a seal is applied to moving surfaces such as pumps, engines, or rotating shafts. For the versatility, flexibility, and effectiveness, gaskets are common across multiple industries, such as:

  • Oil and gas
  • Food processing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Electric generation
  • Transportation


If the insulation gasket is effective and reliable, it will compress correctly to create a pressure-tight seal. For the ideal insulation and seal specification, the gasket must be made from a specific material to support the conditions of its purpose. Conditions will alter depending on temperature, chemicals, sizes, and several other variables.

Different types of insulation gaskets and gasket materials

Insulation gaskets have various purposes and materials. Specific gaskets can be customised to protect surfaces from corrosion or overheating. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Rubber gaskets
Rubber gaskets are known for their ability to resist or contain extreme temperatures. They are great for preserving the quality of food and pharmaceutical products. Examples of rubber insulation gaskets available on the market include:


Rubber insulation gaskets also produce excellent sealing properties against gas, chemicals, air, dust, and water mitigation.

Sponge gaskets
Sponge insulation gaskets offer superb sealing and shock absorption solutions due to their compression capabilities. Multiple insulation gasket products include the following:


Sponge insulation gaskets are ideal for cushioning and leak prevention. Depending on the specification, sponge gaskets can have different cell structures, contributing to distinct capabilities. Sponge gaskets are lightweight and have fantastic thermal properties and tensile strength too.

Foam gaskets
Like sponge material, insulation foam gaskets are naturally soft and a simple sealing solution. Compared to rubber, foam is more flexible, malleable, and can include open-cell structures for air spaces allowing gases and liquids to pass. Here is a selection of foam gasket products currently available on the market:


Foam insulation gaskets offer water sealing properties and are also lightweight, with good NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), thermal, and acoustic properties. Some foam insulation gaskets can be made from 100% recycled materials, such as ECOcell Foam Gaskets.

Felt gaskets
Felt insulation gaskets are particularly strong, resistant to damage and provide excellent thermal solutions. While there are other felt gaskets available, we solely recommend Synthetic Felt Gaskets.

As a felt gasket solution, synthetic felt has multiple benefits, including lightweight, NVH, acoustic and thermal properties due to the high-performance properties within the material structure. Felt gaskets present an environmentally friendly solution as a renewable resource.

Cork gaskets
Cork insulation gaskets contain multiple advantages, from sound suppression and anti-vibration to thermal properties and oil resistance. Available cork gasket products include:


Cork gaskets provide an excellent sealing solution against liquids, gasses, and oils at high temperatures.

Best uses for insulation gaskets  

Insulation gaskets are ideal for use in environments where galvanic corrosion happens or when electrical insulation is needed. Typical application areas include:

  • Piping/pipeline systems
  • Seawater or offshore installations
  • Chemical installations
  • Oil refineries
  • Electrical components


Insulation gaskets play a vital role in protecting surface areas from damage, whether from water, heat, chemical, soil, or other forms of contamination and disturbance. Arguably, insulation gaskets are used across almost every industry, including:


By being so flexible and versatile, insulation gaskets are specified and designed to withstand numerous external factors, such as mining, deep-sea, chemical resistance, pressure, and extreme temperatures. Due to the extremes and dangers involved with these environments, gaskets play a crucial role in keeping the operation running smoothly. Essentially, the purpose of an insulation gasket’s effectiveness is its ability to protect, seal, and remain resilient.

Find the perfect insulation gasket for your sealing solution

At Ramsay Rubber, we have over 50 years of experience providing specialist sealing solutions to over 27 countries. With over 60,423,412 products manufactured, our global accreditation is founded on supplying quality, customised products, whatever the industry or specification. So, if you’re in the market for an insulation gasket, contact us today.

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