5 must-have commercial vehicle parts and products for dynamic sealing solutions

There are a range of commercial vehicle parts and products to choose from, but which are the best option for high-performance sealing solutions? Let’s explore.

An impressive 18% of all commercial vehicles worldwide get manufactured in Europe. And in the UK, the total commercial vehicle exports reached 64,260, with outputs exceeding 104,567 in April 2023. All these commercial vehicle parts require sealing products for flexibility and protection across NVH, insulation and abrasion/acoustic resistance.

Big commercial vehicle manufacturers like Stellantis, Leyland Trucks, LEVC, Dennis Eagle and Alexandre Dreams continue producing thousands of vehicles yearly. But operations would grind to a standstill without the correct commercial vehicle parts. That’s why a reliable supply chain that covers all aspects of commercial vehicle manufacturing is crucial to maintaining a steady flow of production to keep crucial commercial wheels on our roads. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of vital commercial vehicle sealing products to suit your manufacturing requirements.

Discover ideal commercial vehicle parts and sealing products providing flexibility and protection across NVH, insulation and abrasion/acoustic resistance.

5 commercial vehicle products to add to your shopping list

Increasing by 43.9% in 2022, UK commercial vehicle production witnessed the best growth since July 2016, with overseas demands rising by 34.2% as the British commercial vehicle market grows a further 58.5%.  

But beyond the nuts and bolts of the steel chassis, engine compartment, cabin structure and fuel tanks, commercial vehicles also require products for sealing, NVH (Noise, vibration, and harshness), and acoustic/abrasion resistance. Here we have some cellular solutions for commercial truck parts, custom-made from specific materials to satisfy the purpose of requirements:

Commercial vehicle air conditioning

Depending on the climate, air conditioning can be a game-changer when driving long distances in hot or cold temperatures. To ensure your commercial vehicle air conditioning unit stays functioning, you’re going to need a decent seal that can withstand water and dust ingress.

With a smooth surface, excellent consistency, gauge control and low water absorption alongside vapour transmission, polyethylene foam gaskets provide effective sealing, NVH and thermal solutions for commercial vehicle air conditioning units.

Polyethylene foam is also very lightweight with ideal rigidity and tear strength, plus UV, ozone, and chemical resistance. Gaskets can be customised and available in plain, self-adhesive, double sides adhesive, kiss cut and perforated. Thicknesses range from 3mm to 145mm.

Polyethylene foam is also suitable as a sealant for commercial vehicle interior cabins, roof rails, touchscreen displays, ventilation ducting and lighting systems.

Commercial vehicle door systems

As the essential access point into the cabin, commercial vehicle doors require excellent sealing to withstand the external elements against the force of driving. Commercial vehicle door sealants must be flexible, durable, and lightweight to satisfy their requirements.

Thermal and temperature resistance is also vital to avoid the door sticking to the frame and freezing shut in winter. At Ramsey Rubber, we provide the following commercial vehicle product:

With a closed cell structure and abrasion-resistant qualities, EPDM sponge gaskets demonstrate outstanding ageing properties, excellent UV/ozone resistance and the ideal sealing qualities against air, dust, and water mitigation. Flexible water-tight seals, the thicknesses of EPDM sponge gaskets range between 1mm and 64mm. Vital to their purpose as a commercial vehicle door seal, they also boast an impressive temperature range of – 40°C – + 120°C.

Similar to polyethylene foam gaskets, EPDM sponge is another good alternative to interior cabin sealing, ventilation ducting systems, lighting, roof rails and touchscreen displays. And if you’re after more than just a plain gasket, we stock self-adhesive, double-side adhesive, kiss cut and perforated with bespoke material slitting capabilities too.

Commercial vehicle interior cabin

Abrasion resistance is a crucial aspect of any commercial vehicle. The ability to withstand the general wear and tear expected from the friction caused by the vehicle mechanics is paramount in maintaining a high-quality commercial vehicle that’s a safe and comfortable drive.

And there’s no other place where this comfort is more necessary than in the driving seat within the interior cabin. At Ramsey Rubber, we provide commercial vehicles manufacturers with the following solution:

Synthetic felt gaskets are ideal applications for commercial vehicle interior cabin requirements across abrasion and acoustic resistance alongside dunnage, NVH, anti-squeak, crating, filtration, padding, wipers and more.

This dynamic and versatile commercial vehicle product has high strength, superb thermal insulation, and impressive acoustic properties.

Synthetic felt is also flame retardant with full conversion capabilities across material slitting, adhesive laminating, die cutting and other forms of fabrication.

Available across the standard gasket styles, synthetic felt gaskets cover a thickness range of 1mm to 3mm.

Like the sponge gasket used in commercial vehicle door applications, EPDM sponge is also an excellent sealing and insulation material used in the ceilings of interior cabins for anti-rattle and void fill solutions. A soft closed cell structure absorbs sounds, offering superb NVH and acoustic properties with a resistance to moisture and chemical-inflicted degradation. Lightweight, self-extinguishing and with an impressive temperature range, EPDM sponge fabrication is a go-to option for interior cabin insulation, sealing and acoustics. The list of EPDM sponge applications for commercial vehicle products includes:

  • Gaskets
  • Strips
  • Washers
  • Pads
  • Tape
  • Rolls
  • Sheeting
  • Cord
  • Fabrication

Thicknesses cover 3mm – 32mm with temperatures between -40 °C – +120°C.

Truck Trailer Systems

Crucial to commercial trucks is the trailer system carrying the cargo. To make sure you create a smooth journey with minimal vibration and abrasion resistance, commercial truck trailers must be equipped with the correct products that provide flexibility and protection.

EPDM rubber plain pads offer effective weatherproofing alongside ageing, UV, ozone, and oxidation resistance. Like the sponge, EPDM rubber has high-temperature ranges between -20°C – +70°C and good sealing properties against air, dust, and water. With manufactured thicknesses between 1mm – 10mm, they’re available in plain, self-adhesive, double-sided adhesive pads, kiss cut (roll) and perforated.

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As an IATF 16949, ISO 19001 and ISO 14001 accredited company, all our products meet industry standards from industry-approved suppliers. Get in touch for more details about how our commercial vehicle parts can support your manufacturing needs.


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