5 essential HVAC parts for efficient and cost-effective system manufacturing

Discover the five essential HVAC parts and products to help keep HVAC system manufacturing costs down and functionality high.             

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems control the temperature, humidity, and purity using various technologies. But to ensure all aspects of mechanical engineering apply the appropriate thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and temperature transfer, your HVAC system requires the optimal products and parts for each specification.

Discover five essential HVAC parts you need to ensure your air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system exceed consumer expectations and help keep manufacturing costs down.

Discover the five essential HVAC parts and products to help keep HVAC system manufacturing costs down and functionality high.

HVAC products for insulation, sound dampening, filtration and ventilation

HVAC has enhanced beyond recognition through modernisation and technological advancement since Alfred Wolff’s first design in 1902. To create a modern HVAC system that is highly efficient and cost-effective, you need various premium HVAC parts across multiple system elements:

HVAC grille

As a vent cover, HVAC grilles offer a filtration system in which air circulates to the central heating and cooling units. With no damper to control airflow, grilles must allow air to flow freely.

1. Polyethylene Foam Gaskets

Polyethylene foam gaskets are an ideal sealing solution. They allow basic air filtration, which is essential to the purpose of the HVAC grille. Notoriously robust and lightweight compared to other chemically formed foams, adhesive polyethylene gaskets are available in double-sided and perforated styles at thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 145mm.

With excellent sealing properties for dust and water mitigation, plus impressive rigidity and tear strength, polyethylene foam gaskets provide a perfect sealing and filtration solution for your HVAC grille.

Quality checking foam gaskets

HVAC vent

HVAC vents work by extracting air from within the atmosphere. As an essential feature of the ventilating ability of the HVAC system, vents help replace air and replenish oxygen, either for removing various aspects of moisture, odours, dust, bacteria, and gas or changing the temperature. There are typically three types of HVAC vents with contrasting purposes for either supplying, returning, or exhausting the air.

2. EPDM Sponge Gaskets

As an ideal HVAC vent seal against water and dust ingress, EPDM sponge gaskets provide an effective thermal and anti-rattle solution seal with excellent age resistance, UV, ozone, and oxidation properties. Structured within a closed-cell sponge material, EPDM also offers excellent resistance qualities while remaining a cost-effective solution compared to other gaskets.

All EPDM sponge gaskets can be custom-made across plain, self-adhesive, double-sided and perforated variations with thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 64mm.

HVAC insulation

Suitable insulation supplies an essential function for HVAC systems. From ensuring the air or liquid remains at the desired temperature to reducing energy loss and preventing condensation, choosing the right insulation material for your system is a crucial decision to maintain the optimal performance of your machine.

3. Pyrosorb Foam Sheeting

Pyrosorb foam is the perfect solution for both sound dampening and HVAC insulation. As an adhesive sheeting material, pyrosorb foam consists of a low-density open-cell structure suitable under compression with excellent sealing properties while pliable to irregular surfaces.

Available in self-adhesive or double-sided adhesive variations, thicknesses can range from 1mm to 45mm with widths of 500mm to 2 metres.

Measuring foam material thickness

HVAC ducting

Another essential feature of your HVAC system is ducting. For reference, HVAC ducting refer to the metal or synthetic tubes used to carry air across your HVAC system. Ducting plays a vital role in air quality by providing pathways for replenished air to replace and remove stale air. By feeding the ventilation across air supply, return and exhaust, it’s essential to protect and preserve your HVAC ducting to maintain the optimal performance of your system.

4. EPDM Sponge Tape

We recommend EPDM sponge tape for high-quality sealing and insulation of HVAC ducting and pipework. It also offers super age resistance alongside UV, ozone, and oxidation properties. The following thicknesses, widths and length measurements are available for this HVAC sealing tape solution:

  • Thicknesses – 1mm to 64mm
  • Widths – 5mm to 50mm
  • Lengths – 1 metre to 20 meters

Furthermore, EPDM sponge tape boasts an impressive temperature range for HVAC system ducting between – 40°C – + 120°C.

5. Polyethylene Foam Tape

Polyethylene Foam Tape is an alternative sealing and insulation for your HVAC ducting. It has crucial advantages with its remarkable strength and lightweight properties.

With a smooth surface for consistency, gauge control and low water absorption, polyethylene foam tape also provides an acoustic, NVH, thermal, and high-performance ducting seal. You can get polyethylene foam tape in the following sizes:

  • Thicknesses – 3mm to 145mm
  • Widths – 5mm to 50mm
  • Lengths – 1 meter to 20 meters

Displaying exceptional durability across tear resistance and general rigidity, this foam tape solution will offer your HVAC ducting maximum protection.

Both HVAC sealing tape options have advantages and disadvantages for ducting sealing and insulation. Depending on what type of HVAC system you wish to design and build, ensure your sealing tape solution suits the specific requirements for optimal air conditioning, heating and ventilation. 

Adhesive Tapes - Ramsay

Find the perfect HVAC product to enhance your system

At Ramsey Rubber, we provide a wide range of high-performance cellular materials for the HVAC industry and have developed a strong reputation in the sector for our quality and consistency.

As a supplier with over 50 years of experience, we ensure all our HVAC products are ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited using RoSH/REACH-compliant materials. Ramsey proudly supplies over 60 million parts a year, serving over 20 countries worldwide as a global leader in the industry.

So, if you’re looking for quality HVAC parts and products, we guarantee to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. For further information and advice, please get in touch today


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