The ultimate guide to adhesive pads: What material best suits your needs?

From double-sided sponge adhesive to self-adhesive rubber pads, discover the ideal selection with conversion capabilities and custom sizes for your requirements.

Various adhesive pads offer versatile applications with numerous capabilities covering multiple industries, whereas other adhesive pads suit specific purposes due to their unique properties. And with adhesive pad materials covering rubber, felt, foam, sponge, and cork variations, finding the best one for your requirements relies on some industry expertise. With this in mind, we’ve created a complete guide to make the all-important decision a piece of cake.

From double-sided adhesive to self-adhesive pads, discover the ideal adhesive pad for your requirements with conversion capabilities and custom sizes.

Choosing the correct adhesive for your requirements

The adhesive pad market is a growing industry, with the self-adhesive felt pad sector alone valued at $430.89 million in 2022, rising to $500.69 million in 2023 at a CAGR of 16.67% and expected to reach $1.480 billion by 2030.  But with so many possibilities across applications and materials, you must select the correct one based on the specific conditions of your requirements. Some of these properties include:

– Durability
– Temperature resistance
– Weather/chemical resistance
– Load-bearing capacity

After evaluating the conditions and purposes for your adhesive pads, it’s time to narrow down what form suits your application across materials and capabilities.

26 adhesive pads

We can characterise adhesives by their chemistry. For example, epoxy adhesives have high temperature and solvent resistance and suit bonding to other materials like metals, ceramics, wood, and plastics. On the other hand, polyurethane adhesives are polymer-based adhesives used in construction where high-strength bonding gets applied through moisture. Here is a list of high-performance adhesive pads we have on offer here at Ramsay Rubber Cellular Sealing Solutions:

7 rubber adhesive pads

Depending on the requirements of your environment, rubber adhesive pads can provide various industrial and manufacturing applications. Our list of rubber adhesive pads includes:

6 Sponge adhesive pads

Compared to rubber, sponge adhesive pads can offer natural cushioning and impact absorption alongside insulation and NVH properties. Here is a list of the adhesive sponge pads we have available:

8 adhesive foam pads

Like sponge pads, adhesive foam pads offer similar properties with added conformability, versatility and thickness capacity. Here is a range of adhesive foam pads we have available in stock:

2 adhesive felt pads

Adhesive felt pads get used across numerous industries, including automotive, machinery and electronics. Ramsay Rubber stocks two variations of adhesive felt pads with full conversion capabilities available:

3 adhesive cork pads

Cork is a natural and versatile material to use as a cost-effective adhesive pad solution, ideal for surface protection. We offer adhesive pad cork solutions in the following materials and blends:

Across our adhesive pads range, we offer the following options with full conversion capabilities:

All our adhesive pads are certified with IATF16949, ISO19001 and ISO14001 accreditation. Each material is registered with IMDS, RoSH and REACH for full compliance.

Find your local provider of adhesive pads

Ramsay Rubber is an industry leader in the UK for cellular solutions with 50 years of experience and global accreditation. We take pride in offering full conversion capabilities across all our adhesive pad products, including material slitting, die cutting, CNC machining, fabrication, and assembly. If you’d like to know more about how our adhesive pad solutions can serve your business, get in touch today.  


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